Composite drums

Mainly used to fill products not compatible with steel But need it for strength.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduced transportation costs due to its conical shape allowing them to be nested inside each other
  • Reduced storage space
  • Perfect palatization and containerization
  • Drum bottoms are double seamed
  • Resistance seam welded side seam.
  • Single top bead to retain dimensional integrity of the diameter.
  • Manufactured from Prime C.R.C.A steel.
  • Top end assembled with flat/circular or semi circular, solid or hollow cross sectional gaskets.
  • Manufactured to meet shipping specifications (Indian & international)
  • Automated cleansing process used to clean internal and external surface.

Disclaimer : This are approximate dimensions for accurate dimensions please contact us.

Options :-

  • Thicknesses available between 0.7mm to 1.2mm
  • Externally painted to colours of your choice using Pure Stoving, Epoxy or P.0 paints
  • 210 litre capacity is available
  • Internally plain /phosphated/ painted/ lacquered are offered
  • Seaming compound options include various types of latex and epoxy based sealants depending on product
  • Locking rings with lever arrangements are offered in various thicknesses and finishes
  • Packing material options for transport protection – Corrugated Paper/Stretch Wrap/Bubble Wrap
  • Electro-galvanised and stainless steel 304/316 options are also available.