Tight Head Barrel / Drum

Also known as Closed Mouth Drums, these are mainly used for filling liquids and semi-liquids.

Features and Benefits

  • Manufactured from C.R.C.A prime steel
  • Thickness of steel available from 0.8mm to 1.6 mm. A combination of thickness is also possible between shell and ends
  • Triple seamed heads
  • Auto seam welded side seam
  • Automated cleansing process used to clean internal and external surface
  • Additional pilfer proofing available through tag- rings, cap-seals and other pilfer proof caps
  • Having a cubic capacity of 210 litres/ 55 gallons with 5% ullage, other capacities being also available
  • Tested using Twin Station Testing Complex including a Differential Tester
  • Improved Vacuum Resistance and enhanced Stack Ability
  • B.I.S marking available
  • U.N. marking available
  • Manufactured to meet shipping specifications (Indian & international)
  • Manufactured to meet U.N Performance test, to handle hazardous items classified under Groups I, II and III
  • Special internal finishing like Epoxy coating/Painted

Disclaimer : This are approximate dimensions for accurate dimensions please contact us.


    • Externally painted to colours of your choice using Pure Stoving, Epoxy or P.0 paints
    • Capacities from 210 to 235 litres are available
    • Internally plain/ phosphated/ painted/ lacquered are also available
    • Gaskets of bungs/flanges are offered in rubber/P.E/ E.P.D.M/ Teflon, depending on product compatibility
    • Seaming compound options include various types of latex and epoxy based sealants, depending on product compatibility
    • Normal bead/Inverted beads/ Less bead/Multiple beads
    • With or without Multi-Corrugation
    • With or without tag rings
    • Special fusible bungs can be offered for flammable products
    • Packing material options for transport protection – corrugated paper/stretch wrap/bubble wrap
    • Electro galvanized and stainless steel 304/316 options are also available